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Bonjour... Hello

This is the story of how I became a remarkable woman at the age of 70.

After teaching for twenty-five years, helping clients as a marriage, family and child counselor and also being a mom (best job ever) I decided that I wanted to do something just for me. I decided that I didn’t want a mediocre life anymore. I wanted adventure, and I also wanted to inspire others to do the same.

I began questioning myself… Is this all there is to life?

One day after watching “Midnight in Paris” for the fifth time, I decided to move to France.

I began the research and the daunting task of either selling or giving away items I would no longer need. After eight months, my daughter and I landed in Paris with three suitcases, one dog and one cat.

That is the day I became remarkable, in my eyes.
The decision to make youtube videos of my move to France to inspire others was not an easy task, but the more I practiced the more comfortable I became.

I had never had an issue with speaking in public before, but this was so different.


I loved it and it became a passion of mine that I had never ever thought I would have the opportunity to fulfill. My mission to inspire others to make that move, or travel more or whatever their heart needs to do to be happy made me open up more about myself. 

If you have ever watched my videos you know I am rather an “open book.”

I have had several people from the States come to Paris and I have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with them, and I always ask the same question.


Am I the same as you see on my videos on YouTube?


I always get the same answer... yes.


This makes me happy. I don’t want to try and be something on camera and then when you meet me you wonder who the heck am I.

Image by Mathias Reding
My podcasts are about read life subjects.

Podcasts will be uploaded on Tuesdays.


My other passion in life is for people to learn more about themselves and realize we are all in this together. I have many stories that can relate to your life and if not, I guarantee you know someone who can share the podcast with.


My podcasts will also be uploaded on youtube.

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